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11 unique places around Bengaluru that cannot be missed!

Isn’t Bengaluru one of the beautiful cities if there was no traffic? Yes,it is! There are unique and mind-blowing places around Bengaluru that cannot be missed.

Scenic places around Bengaluru!

Bird Sanctuary, Ranganathittu

Ranganathittu bird sanctuary is on the bank of river Kaveri in Srirangapatna, Mandya. It is around 120 km from Bangalore. It nurtures many birds and animals. A few birds kinds of birds are pelicans, herons, peacocks, spoonbills. Animals are otters, crocodiles, etc. The boat ride in Ranganathittu makes you witness the flight of many birds, the flight of pelicans and peacocks is quite captivating. The sanctuary is home to many migratory birds as well. This is the best place to visit for nature lovers, birders, and photographers.

Attraction: Birds and animals

Best Time:  December to February

Scenic places around Bengaluru!


Mahadevapura can be called Goa of Karnataka for its landscape similarity. The series of coconut trees on either side of the road reminds me of Goa. It also has a lake, the massive spread of water makes it look spectacular. The coracle ride is the major attraction of the place. We can get down from the coracle on the other side of the bank and we can play in the water (Hehe! kid in me is speaking).

Attraction:  Shooting spot

Best time: August-Feb


Danushkoti is located in Melkote of Mandya district. It is around 150 km away from Bangalore. The architecture in Danushkoti of Dravidian style. Though it is small, the place is looks mesmerizing during sunset.

You might have seen this place in Barso Re Megha Megha (check from 0.17 – 1.11 ) song of Guru movie.

Attraction:  Shooting spot

Best time: All around the year (expect rainy days)


This is an unique place to visit around Bengaluru. It has temple on the top of the hill. The road to the temple is gives amzing experience for both car and bike riders. The view of the nearby places after reaching the hilltop leaves you in awe!

Attraction:  car/bike ride to Karighatta

Best time:  All around the year

Hidden places around Bengaluru

Tonnuru Kere & Nambi Narayana temple

Kere Tonnuru is an unbelievable place to visit. Kere means lake in Kannada. It is said that the lake(kere) has never dried even during the famine. Even after a drought for a couple of years, the water did not dry and had reached half of the tank. During the drought, they could see a Hindu temple submerged in the lake. The sunset in the lake is spectacular and cannot be missed.

Nambi Narayana temple is located nearby, and it is architecturally massive and beautiful.

Attraction: lake which has never dried even during drought; lake-sunset

Best time: All around the year

Kokkare Bellur

Kokkare Bellur is famous for the cohabitation of birds and human beings. Kokkare means egret in Kannada. The name of village is rightly called Kokkare Bellur as the number of egrets are quite a lot. Not only the local birds like egrets stay there, it is home for many migratory birds as well. The cohabitation is so good, neither the villagers nor the birds are threatened by each other. It is great place for birders and photographers.

Attraction: Birds

Best Time:  November to June

Gopalaswamy temple, KRS backwater

There was a drought in South Karnataka during 2003-2004. The water level of the KRS dam had gone quite low. Because of this, the submerged temple became visible. Srihari Khoday, the liquor baron & philanthropist took action to preserve the architecture by shifting the complete temple to a nearby place. Had they not taken the step, the temple would have submerged again. The location is serene and beautiful.

Attraction:  Temple

Best time:   All around the year

Tourist places around Bengaluru


KRS dam was built by our beloved Sir M Vishveshwaraya (Sir MV), bharat ratna recipient. It is one of his remarkable contributions to India. Before the construction of dam, the people grew dry crops. Sir MV wanted to improve the agriculture and livelihood of people. Hence the people of Kannambadi were asked to vacate the village in order to build the dam and the people accepted happily. From then, the agriculturists started growing water-dependent crops like rice and sugarcane.

Attraction:  Brindavan gardens

Best time: All around the year

Nimishamba and Ranganatha Swamy temple

The temples are located in Tippu Sultan’s capital Srirangapatana, Mandya district. Even if you are an atheist, Ranganatha Swamy temple is worth visiting its architecture and Nimishambha temple for its beautiful pond in front of the temple where you can play.

Not only these temples, but there are also many other attractions in Srirangapatna as it was Tippu Sultan’s capital.

Attraction:  Nature & architecture

Best time:   All around the year

Nature around Bengaluru

Bheemeshwari nature camp

Jungle Lodge Resort(JLR) is one of the best contributions of Karnataka to nature. It is a semi-government agency taking care of wildlife and nature. One of the nature camps is in Bheemeshwari. The site has spectacular view of river Kaveri. The other sport events like hiking, coracle riding, zip-lining can also be experienced. Visit Bheemeshwari to sleep in the lap of mother nature.

Attraction: To sleep in cradles of nature

Best time:  all around the year (coracle ride depends on the season)

Kunti Betta 

Kunti Betta is 130 km away from Bengaluru. It is a small hill and can be considered for one day trek.Even the night trek is quite eventful one. It can be trekked all around the year.

Kunti, the mythological character of Mahabharat has supposedly visited the place and hence the name.

Attraction:  Trekking

Best time: All around the year (be a bit careful if you are going in the rainy season, rocks might be slippery)

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