Best places to visit in Andaman in 5 days

Best places to visit in Andaman in 5 days for ₹35000!

There are many best places to visit in Andaman in 5 days. But it is a costly affair to take help of an agent. Read to blog to plan your trip at cheapest price!

The Andaman Islands are enchantingly beautiful and provides a lifetime experience. Exploring Andamans is an exotic affair, and it’s expensive if you seek the help of an agent. The blog provides a full roadmap and price breakdown to travel to Andaman within the most effective season in but ₹35000/ $450.

Do you know what heaven or paradise is? Yeah?
But I do know ANDAMAN.

P.S : Read through the blog to seek out a printable blueprint and Google-Map itinerary.

On cloud nine!

I always wanted to go to the Andaman Islands. I have great friends who also love traveling. Chetana, Deepali, and I started planning for the much-awaited Andaman trip. We are quite fast at decision making and we decided on places, the number of days, and budget within a few hours. We booked the flights, buses, hotels, asked a few agents to book ferry rides as it was quite late to get bookings, etc. Deepali got caught up with her personal work and unfortunately, she could not join us. Chetana and I went ahead and continued with the trip. Chetana and I boarded a bus from Bangalore towards Chennai and reached Chennai the next morning to catch a flight to Andaman.

When we landed in Port Blair, our cab was waiting for us. We also had booked a scooty which we picked on the way. I drove behind the cab. That is when I started encountering the beautiful Andaman.

Day 1 of best places to visit in Andaman in 5 days

places to visit in Andaman in 5 days
Chidiya Tapu

Port Blair on Day1

Cellular Jail

After experiencing enchanting Andamans just within a few km from the airport to the hotel, we planned to take some rest in the hotel. Since we had a scooty we had lot of freedom to travel with respect to time or place. We started traveling from the hotel to Cellular Jail. On the way to the most mesmerizing Corbyn Cove beach, it gives the best views inside Port Blair city.

We then reached Cellular Jail. The dreadful place in the beautiful Andamans. The massive stone walls were used to prevent prisoner’s jump out of the jail. The treatment was quite torturous, every person was put through a lot of pain. The story about the jail is here.

After listening to heart breaking story of the prisoners’ in the jail, with a heavy heart we next started towards Chidiya Tapu. There is also sound and night show in the evening, but we could not get the ticket on time and had to miss it.

Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu is the nearest and beautiful sunset point near Port Blair. It is around 12-15km away from Port Blair.  We started on scooty and traveled towards Chidiya Tapu. The scooty-ride is the best ride I have ever had. It had rained a bit and stopped. The roads were wet, there were water droplets on leaves. The green had become greener, the fantastic view for eyes. The curvy roads and the sudden surprise with a different scape of forest was really good.

The only thing to mention is there was nobody. We felt the place was quite secluded and we were driving in a forest. But the surprises of nature helped us forget the fear. We were a bit confused if we were on the right track, but there was no other way. We continued riding and started to hear the sound of waves. This gave us a little relaxation. 

The roads were enchantingly beautiful, when we reached the final destination there was no sunset. The day was quite gloomy. There was no sun at all. But the path taken to reach the destination itself was very beautiful. Reaching the destination is as beautiful as the journey. 

places to visit in Andaman in 5 days

Day 2 of best places to visit in Andaman in 5 days

Baratang Island on Day2

The foremost attraction of Baratang Island is Mangrove forests and untouched tribal territory.

Reaching the Checkpoint

Baratang Island is the one of the places travellers forget to visit. Chetana was very keen on visiting Baratang Island. But the visit to the Island is not 24/7. Vehicles can move once in two hours only. This is because Jarawa tribes live in the region and we are not supposed to disturb them. The gate opens at 6AM in the morning, since this is well known information to every cab driver, they plan to reach before the time, that is 4 AM. It is a 2 hour journey from Port Blair to Baratang gate. So we had to leave around 2 AM. 

The most important information is that we are not supposed to stop or click photographs while moving from the gate to Baratang Island. It is strictly prohibited to protect the Jarawa tribe and protect their privacy.

Mangrove Forest and Lime Stone Caves

Why visit Baratang SIland by waking up at 2 AM? Is it worth it?

It is totally worth it. The mangrove forest and limestone cave along with mud volcanoes are the most important attractions. Along with this the route from the gate to Baratang Island is quite a beauty. Photos are usually not found as it is strictly prohibited. 

Mangrove forest gave us goosebumps. It was a paradise. The small speed-boat took us along the water and we could see mangrove trees on one side of the water. It was a spectacular region. It gave me the feeling of watching the Anaconda movie.

Another attraction is the limestone cave. I have visited one limestone cave in Slovenia. But the path from Mangrove forest region to limestone cave was around 30 minutes walk. It was a pleasant walk and it was also an unforgettable walk of my life. The sound of birds, leaves and soft sand are quite amusing. The cave also really rang a bell in my memory of the limestone subside Slovenia.

places to visit in Andaman in 5 days

Mud volcanoes

I felt nostalgic about Slovenia while remembering those days, we started towards mud volcanoes. It definitely was not appreciable compared to the word volcano, but the bubbles getting generated at few places left me spellbound.

Jarawa Tribal Region

I was too tired in the morning and I was not in the condition to see the blissful area of Port Blair to Baratang. I had slept off. I didn’t know what I had missed on. Since there is no photography allowed, Chetana didn’t take any pictures.

But luckily I was less tired in the evening and I was awake along the way. The kind of trees and leaves, sun playing hide and seek among the trees, the clear air, transparent sky, and great vegetation, everything was unique. It got darker by the time we reached the hotel.

Day 3 of best places to visit in Andaman in 5 days

places to visit in Andaman in 5 days

Havelock Island on Day3

Ferry Ride.

After visiting Baratang we were content and weren’t expecting anything from Andaman again. We vacated the hotel and started toward Havelock Island. It is not possible to reach the Island in any other way other than by ferry. Just like the airport, there is a jetty where ferries park. We reached Port Blair ferry. The ferry started towards Havelock, the ocean water was looking gorgeous, the sunrays were kissing the ocean and it looked quite a lot of beauty. It takes around 2 hours from Port Blair to Havelock. Try to book the ferry tickets at least a month before. Otherwise, you might not find the tickets.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving was added to my bucket list as soon as I watched Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. The way the beauty was captured in the movie had made everyone fall in love with the movie and scuba diving. I was waiting for this day. 

Initially just like Katrina Kaif briefed Hrithik, Farhan and Abhay; we had a coach who helped us acclimatize the water. He taught us a few signs that should be used under-water. We were allowed 30 minutes to get acclimatized. 

Then we went on a boat and reached the middle of the ocean, and then we were asked to jump into the water upside down. Once I jumped into the water there was a beautiful world waiting for me. I didn’t know if I was really there or watching a movie. The feeling of “I am living” comes once in a while, this time I felt every second. 30 minutes underwater felt like the blink of an eye. I was brought to the top of the water.

places to visit in Andaman in 5 days

Radhanagar Beach

Sailing on elation, we came back to the world and later visited Radha Nagar beach. It is best for the sunset. the number of colors within the sky changed every minute. The cleanliness added to the beach’s beauty; we laid down on the shore to look at the ocean’s magical view.

places to visit in Andaman in 5 days

Night Kayaking

Andaman provided the best experiences of my life but I didn’t know that more could exist. We were again quite happy and content with all the unforgettable experiences but Andaman gifted us with night kayaking. The night kayaking experience stands out among all. It made me forget all the experiences like scooty ride to Chidiya Tapu, Havelock ferry ride, Mangrove forest, sunset at Radhanagar beach, etc. Having a friend like Chetana also is a boon(Shh! Don’t tell her!)


We reached the kayak station around 10 PM. It was pitch dark. It was a little cold. Chetana and I were in a kayak. There were 2 guides, one in the front and one at the back. The ocean was wobbling and Chetana thought I was shaking the boat, haha! Once we reached the middle of the ocean, the guide started rubbing the water. The water started flashing, those were phytoplanktons. 

Wow! Nature assumes you everytime!

Shooting Stars

We rowed around 1km, we were quite excited already. We were deep in the ocean. The guide asked us to look at the sky. The sky was crystal clear that day, there was no sign of rain, no clouds. There were innumerable stars. while I was looking at the sky, I told the guide that I saw something moving. I was wondering if it was an airplane. The guide casually said it was a shooting star. I was astonished and thrilled, it was the first time I had seen a shooting star. I saw two more within a few seconds

Day 4 of best places to visit in Andaman in 5 days

places to visit in Andaman in 5 days

Neil Island and Kalpathar on Day4

The sole place i do know to this point that you just simply can see sunrise and sunset around 5-10 km is Havelock Islands. Radhanagar beach is to watch a formidable sunset while Kalapathar beach is for sunrise.


We were quite thrilled but didn’t want to leave any stone untouched. It was 8 AM we had ferry to Neil Island in an hour. But we took our scooty and rode towards Kalapathar. The beach is quite beautiful and it is a spot for sunrise. but the Sun was not in the mood, he hadn’t woken up that day. Still the beauty of the beach was unexplainable.

Neil Island

After rushing from Kalapathar we went to Havelock jetty. And boarded ferry to go to Neil Island. Since we had visited so many beached we thought that Neil Island wouldn’t surprise us. As usual we were wrong again. Neil Island has a beautiful natural bridge in Radhanagar beach 2. It also has natural aquarium, which is very beautiful.

places to visit in Andaman in 5 days

Day 5 of best places to visit in Andaman in 5 days

Saying bye on Day5


We visited a museum in Port Blair and learnt different species of sea-world. It had started raining.

Heading back

We aroused from sleep early within the morning to travel to Corbyn Cove beach. We roamed around the city, visited a museum. By then, it had started raining heavily. Our trip was over too! I had time for my life and said good-bye to Andaman with a lump in my throat.


Which is the best time to visit Andaman?

October to January

How can we travel in Andaman?

By boat for inter-island and by scooty for intra-island

Is permission required for Andaman?

No, but it is required for Nicobar

Is travel allowed in Andaman?


Why tourists are not allowed in Nicobar Islands?

It has a tribal community which do not welcome other people

Is Andaman expensive?

Read my blog to travel within Rs 35000

Is alcohol cheap in Andaman?


Is Food costly in Andaman?

Yes, since the place is highly dependent on tourism.

What currency is used in Andaman?

Indian rupees

How much does Andaman trip cost?

You can complete trip in 35000, read the blog to know more

Best places to visit in Andaman?

Port Blair, Baratang, Havelock, Kalapathar, Neil, etc.

places to visit in Andaman in 5 days
places to visit in Andaman in 5 days

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