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Road Trip in India – 5 Mesmerizing Must-Do Trips!

Road trips are exciting and thrilling. Road trip in India is more enthralling due to its terrain and cultural difference seen within a few hundreds of kilometers. 

In the busy schedule of running to the office or working from home, everyone needs a break. And it would be everyone’s intention to make every trip memorable- be it with friends or family or strangers. Every place has a story to tell and the only question is are ready to listen to the story? Road trips tell many stories because we meet more people during the journey, we get to interact, we get to see different terrains, landscapes, cultures, traditions, etc.

This blog is an account of 5 underdog road trips in India that no one can miss!

Single decker route bridge to Sohra to 7 sister waterfalls: Unique road trip in India

Meghalaya is mesmerizingly beautiful. The terrains, landscapes, and sceneries are dramatic. Meghalaya is one of the places where the water is crystal clear and we get to see the bottom of the water body (In my experience, even the gutters had crystal clear water :P). 

There are two routes cannot be missed:

Sohra to 7-sister waterfalls

Sohra is another name for Cherrapunji, the wettest land in India with the highest rainfall. The seven sister falls are scenic in the rainy season; the sunlight on the waterfall creates a rainbow. For me, this road trip in India from Sohra to 7-sister waterfalls is the reason to call Meghalaya the Scotland of India. The clean wide roads, eye-catching flowering trees, fascinating green valleys captivates and keeps the visitor dumb-struck every second of the road trip. 

Credit : Tejaswini Rao

Sohra to Single decker Root Bridge

 This is one of the famous road trips in India. Sohra is itself quite beautiful. The roads around Sohra enthrall the visitor. This road trip in India from Sohra to the single-decker root bridge is quite different compared to other parts of Meghalaya. The route has different terrains. Initially, the road looks like Leh-Ladakh with a stretch of sand on both sides of the road. Then the terrain changes from sand to tall trees and small houses. Later, the green valleys hug you, the trademark of Meghalaya.

Credit : Tejaswini Rao
Credit : Tejaswini Rao

Lonavala to Mahabaleshwar to Tapola: Fantabulous road trip in India

Lonavala/ Mahabaleshwar is situated in the Western Ghats of India. The Western Ghats of India are known for captivating green lush, deep valleys, huge mountains, white clouds/ blue skies kissing the mountains, and roads meandering amidst the greenery. Lonavala turns into paradise after a rainfall. This adventure road trip in India from Lonavala to Mahabaleshwar smitten you with grasslands and valleys. The foggy environment adds to the cozy mood for the traveler, The visibility of the road reduces due to fog. If you get down from the car, on these roads (taking necessary precautions) – you can majorly witness – fog moving away/towards you, the dramatic view of vehicles moving amidst the canopy of trees, phenomenal sunsets.

Choose the best car for long road trips in India, to continue the journey from Mahabaleshwar to Tapola. Tapola is one of the underdogs, the scenery is unexplainable. The journey is around 2 hours from Mahabaleshwar,  every sight during the journey is unforgettable. The short-heighted grasslands, the pin-curves paving the way to new paradises, the deadlines lanes leading to small houses, the fantabulous view of the lake and sunset – my eyes still remember every frame. 

Credit : Tejaswini Rao

Sakleshpura: Shortest, yet unforgettable road trip in India

The Western Ghats, also known as Sahyadris is home to innumerable varieties of flora and fauna. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the biodiversity is comparable to that of the Amazon forest. The Western Ghats is also called the Malnad region in Karnataka. Sakleshpura is the most beautiful Malnad region. There are different visiting spots in Saklespura, but the journey is as beautiful as the destination itself.

The wider grasslands, the forest canopy not letting sunlight, the wet roads after rainfall, the small ponds amidst grasslands, the small rocks in the ponds, the birds sitting on those rocks, the road curves throwing big mountains as surprises, the tiny canals, the huge farmlands with a contrasty scare-crows, etc. It can be one of the best road trips in India from Bangalore. It can be one of the best bike road trips in India. 

Credit : Tejaswini Rao

Rameswaram to Danushkodi and further: Rare road trip in India

This route is rarest of its kind. Rameshwaram is known for the temple and the place is always busy, always. To move further from Rameswaram is Danushkodi. There are two ways to reach Danushkodi, by train or by road. Both the bridges are called the Pamban bridge. Taking the road gives a great view of the sea, the Pamban railway bridge, and the spectacular view of the train on the bridge. 

When we get quite satisfied with the view, the real gift surprises us! That is Danushkodi. A fairly new road in Danushkodi, with the sea on both sides, is the rarest of the rare kinds. The stretch is around 12 km and both the sides of the ocean converge at a point called Arichal Munai. This is one of the best bike road trips in India.

Credit : Toll Free Traveller

Munnar to Thekkady: Scenic road trip in India

Isn’t Kerala a part of Western Ghats? Is it enough to have any western ghat road trips in India?  Nope.

Kerala is called God’s own country! Though it is a part of Western Ghats, there are several reasons to visit Kerala. This is one of the famous road trips in India for a few reasons.

The scenic beauty changes in Kerala, the widespread of tea estates, the huge mountains, the roads constructed in the hills, not only the small canals but tiny waterfalls all along the way, huge waterfalls once in a while, the black clouds touching the hills, the cold breezing wind, series of coconut trees around water-bodies, men riding boats/fishing in the lakes, “might-rain” environment are the reasons to go on road-trip in Kerala.

Choose the best car for long road trips in India as the journey might take longer than a week, also it might start raining anytime. 

Credit : V-Tek

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    Yes, what ever road routes mentioned by you are beautiful and can enjoy, your efforts to bring this to this platform has refreshed our mind.

    We have traveled two routes out of five mentioned. It is very trilling to travel by road.
    Still lot of places needs to be visited once this pandemic is cleared tourism will be back to normal and can be planned our trip accordingly.
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